Washable Sticky Mat

Item Name: Washable Sticky Mat
Item No.: SSM0713

Products Introduction

Silica sticky mat is composed of Silica material coated with water-based adhesive. It is easy to transfer the dust on the sticky roller. you simply rinse with water to prepare for more cleaning. and even with constant use, it will remain incredibly tacky for years due to its quality. Ensure the self adhesive long availability .


  • Material: Silica(PDMS)
  • Anti-fatigue testting: 20000times
  • Tensile strength: 900-1400pai
  • Rebound degree: 30-75%
  • Shrink ratio:2.0- 4.0%
  • Permanent compression set:
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Sizes: 300*300mm