ESD White Heel Strap

Item Name: Anti-static White Heel Strap

Item Name: SHS3020C

In some special situation, Anti-static foot grounder will take place of anti-static wrist strap, and it is more economical than anti-static shoes. Anti-static foot grounder avoids the earthing line when walking in the range of conductive area and is the best choice of workshop and garage. The principle is that the earthing line in socks will remove static of body through earthing foot grounder, conductive mat and the earthing line. So the earthling line must contact with skin. The user should wear the two foot grounder and avoid walking on the area without static protection



  • Material: synthetic rubber
  • Surface resistance: black layer 10e3Ω~10e6Ω, blue layer 10e6Ω~10e9Ω
  • Color: blue/black
  • Conductive strip: earthing resistance of static electricity 10e6Ω
  • Length: 400-450mm


  • Product line, CMOS chip, microprocessor, semiconductor, dish drivers, composites, LCD screen product, circuit product line, precision instrument, optics part and so on