ESD Grid Anti-UV film

Item Code: SAC0167-03B

Item Name: ESD PVC Grid Anti-UV Film

Products Introduction

ESD curtain or antistatic curtain is made of anti-static PVC curtain, continuous honeycom black carbon lines are printed on one side of PVC sheet. soft, transparent, clean, antistatic, shielding heat and noise, free for operator and cart passing. It is suited for electronics, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration industry. Easy to install and replace, can be cleaned into shining as new with neutral detergent. Good for using as a barrier wall or protecting window curtain in static charge critical environment. Antistatic PVC curtain is composed of antistatic PVC sheet, easy to overhang which helps it to protect EPA area.


  • Thickness: 0.3mm
  • Size: 1.37*30m
  • Volume resistance: 1*1011
  • Voltage: 25V
  • Discharging time: 1.65/ 100%
  • Property: Permanent
  • Grid side surface resistance: 104-6Ω
  • Outside surface resistance: 108-9Ω
  • Decay time: +V: 0.30S/-V:0.40S