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Products Biological Safety Cabinet
Class I Biosafety Cabinet
Class II Biosafety cabinet - Type A1
Class II Biosafety cabinet - Type A2
Class II Biosafety cabinet - Type B1
Class II Biosafety cabinet - Type B2
Class III Bio Safety Cabinet
Horizontal Laminar Airflow
Floor Mounted Version
Biotech Version
Table Top Version
Vertical Laminar Airflow
Stand Mounted Version
Ceiling Suspended Version
IVF Application
Operation Theatre Model
PCR Application
Dynamic Type
Static Type
Clean Air Module
Positive Pressure Module
Recirculatory Module
Fume Exhaust Hood
Constant Volume Type
By Pass Type
Powder Containment Booth
Powder Dispensing Booth
Air Shower
Fan Filter Unit
Garment Storage Cabinet
Softwall Cleanroom
Air Curtain
Spares Filters Products
Spares Fillters
Spares Consumables
Cleanroom Validation
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring(IAQ)
Laminar Airflow Certification
Biosafety Cabinet Certification
Fume Hood Certification
Magnehelic Gauge Calibration
Technical Cleaning
Supply & Installation of Filters
Laminar AirFlow Service
Biosafety Cabinet Service
Antistatic Cleanroom Garments
LintFree Cleanroom Garments
Disposable Cleanroom Overall
Sticky Mats
Cleanroom Shoes
Cleanroom Face Mask
Surgeon's Cap
Bouffant Cap
ESD Chairs
Shoe Cover Disposable
Flat Mop Systems
Sponge Mop
Anti-Microbial Microfiber Mop
Blue Microfiber Mop
Polyester Cleanroom Mop
Mop Cover
Microfiber Cover
Adjustable Handle
Mop Frame
Stainless Steel Handle
Pro Triple-Bucket System
Pro Double-Bucket System
Sponge Mop with Fused Cover
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