ESD Wrist Strap Tester

Item No. : Exalt-498

Item Name: Anti-static Wrist Strap Tester

Products Introduction

  • Insert a 9V battery into the battery compartment at the back of the unit.
  • Insert the plug of the grounding wire into the grounding wire jack which is at the top of the unit.
  • Attach wrist strap to your wrist firmly.
  • Connect grounding wire to wrist strap.

Press the test pad of the unit.At this moment,there are three situations:

  • If the green"GOOD"lam lights up and an audible signal can be heard,it shows that grounding system is safe and wrist strap is in normal condition.
  • If the red"LOW"lamp lights up,you must check the resistance of wrist strap grounding wire.If it is lower than 800KΩ,on special situation,it may have an influence on human body.
  • If the red"HIGH"lamp lights up,first,check wrist strap to make sure it contacts wrist firmly.Then,check the resistance of wrist strap grounding wire.If the resistance is higher than 9MΩ,the anti-static effect will turn feeble and even lose it anti-static ability.


  • LO(RED) R<800KΩ
  • GOOD 800KΩ ≤R≤9 MΩ
  • HIGH R>9MΩ
  • LO(RED) 800KΩ below ON
  • Power:9 v battery Grounding Wire:3 meter

Note: The tolerance in resistance is set to +10%/-0% for the lower limit 800KΩ and +0%-10% for upper limit of 9MΩ Caution:After testing operations many times,if the audible signal is no longer heard but the green "GOOD" lamp still lights up,the battery must be replaced.