Grounding Cord

Products Name: Eathing bonding plug

Item Name: SGC0066


Color: yellow
Material: ABS

  • 101: UK type, 10mm stud
  • 102: UK type, 2*10mm stud, 1xbanana head, 1M resistor
  • 103: UK type, 1*10mm stud, 1M resistor
  • 104: UK type, 3*10mm stud, 1M resistor
  • 105: UK type, 2*10mm stud, 1xM5 Post, 1M resistor
  • 106: UK type, 2*M5 Post, 1M resistor
  • 107: UK type, 1*10mm stud and 2xbanana head, 1M resistor
  • 108: UK type, 3xbanana head, 1M resistor
  • 109: UK type, 1*10mm stud, 1M resistor
  • 110: UK type, 2*10mm stud and 1xbanana head, with 1M resistor
  • 111: UK type, 3xbanana head, with 1M resistor
  • 112: UK type, 3*10mm stud, with 1M resistor

Remark: For all type, 10mm stud can be replaced with 7mm, 4mm stud