ESD T/C Fabric

Item Code: SEG2012

Item Name: Anti-static T/C Fabric

Products Introduction

The material is made from ester fibre with filament and imported conductive fibre. Area of static and sensitive, clean and purification area of C10-C10000. Effective removing the static from human body, and antistatic permanent.


  • Material: 65% Polyester+ 35% Cotton
  • Size :Width 150cm
  • Standard Weight 155gsm
  • Pattern: 12mm Strip
  • Color: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, etc.
  • Style: 1/2 twill
  • Yarn Count: TC32s* TC32s
  • Density: 130ends/inch* 70ends/inch
  • Surface res. 1x106-1x109Ohm/sq
  • Static decay time <0.17 sec.
  • Permeability to air: 15cm3/cn2/sec
  • Life more than 60 Repetitive Washings
  • Applying cleanroom 100-10000 Class
  • Fabric electric charge density ≤2.2uc/m2
  • Bearing pull 29.4 N(newton)