Wrist Strap Tester

Item Code: Surpa-181

Item Name: Anti-static Wrist Strap Tester

Products Introduction

The Wrist Strap tester is complete personal ground test system. The tester will verify the connections while the strap is still on the operator's wrist. Red LED and an audible alarm indicate faulty connections("Fail HI"). Red LED and an audible alarm indicate low resistance or failed resistor ("Fail LO"). Green LED indicates proper grounding("OK"). Test parameters are factory set to pass 900K-35M, but are adjustable to match your own specifications.

The unit comes equipped with a 9 volts battery. The test verifies that a continuous path between the operators,wrist strap and ground cord exits.With a test voltage of 9 volts DC,the tester is specially designed to perform this test without harm to the operator.

  • While wearing the wrist strap,plug the banana plug end of the cord into the jack.
  • Lightly press the metal touch button marked"PUSH ON"so that the unit activates.
  • Lighting of the green"OK"LED indicates that the wrist strap and ground cord assembles are functioning properly.
  • If either Red"FAIL LO"or Red"FAIL HI"LED's light and the audible indicator sound,the wrist strap wearer should check the wrist strap assembly immediately.


    35MΩ (Standard Specification), for WRIST STRAP:

  • OK(GREEN) 900KΩ
  • HI(RED) 35MΩ above  ON
  • LO(RED) 900KΩ below    ON
  • Test Voltage : Regulated 9 volts DC
  • Temperature: - Operating 10℃ to 40℃
    -Storage -15℃ to +60℃
  • Accuracy: +5%
  • Weight : 145g
  • Operating Voltage: ≥6.5 volts <9 volts
    [Low battery set at 6.5 volts]
  • Feature: Battery low indicator