Air Volume Measurement

Air Volume Measurement The purity of the air in cleanrooms is ensured by means of multi-stage filtering and high airflow. With regard to the way that cleanrooms are aerated and ventilated, there are two basic cleanroom systems. Either turbulent or low-turbulence flow is used. For cleanrooms with turbulent dilution flow, the filtered clean air is introduced to the cleanroom in a turbulent manner and the “mixed air” is extracted. This enables continuous dilution of the particle concentration. To achieve a higher air exchange rate, a laminar flow cleanroom is required in cleanroom classes ISO 1 to ISO 5. In this case, a continuous, low-turbulence displacement flow is used. For this reason, flow velocity, total volume flow and the calculated air exchange rate are among the crucial parameters of your cleanroom. ISO 14644-3 lays down rules on how measurement can be carried out in turbulent as well as in low-turbulence flows.

These tests are performed to determine the total air volume, get in to the room within a cleanroom. Airflow velocity (Cubic meters per Hour or Cubic feet per minute) is a measurement of the volume of the airflow.

Measure the air volume flow with a volume flow hood (capture hood), which captures the entirety of the air emitting from every terminal filter or air supply diffuser.

Volume flow hood for ceiling outlets for measuring volume flow ISO 14644-3

With unique volume flow straightener for precise measurements at swirl outlets

Calculation of the air exchange rate and creation of reports