Technical Filter Cleaning

To keep your indoor air free of dust, allergens and other contaminants, regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning filtration system is necessary. Regularly checking and having an air filter cleaning service change your air filter is a necessary step to keeping your systems running properly and your air free of contaminants. Aeromech offers air filter cleaning and replacement filters for over India looking to service their commercial and residential units.

Dryer vents, heating, and air conditioners utilize filtration systems to trap the airborne particles in the filter (which is made of materials like cotton gauze) and over time the air flow can become clogged with dirt and debris. Most of the time these are disposable filters that can be replaced; however, there are reusable air filters that can be cleaned.

In order to keep air flowing through your heating and air conditioning unit properly as well as maximizing indoor air quality, regularly checking and changing your air filter is necessary. The frequency of changing the filters is dependent on the specific system as well as how often it is used. System filters should be changed at least twice yearly. The filtration may need to be changed as often as monthly or bimonthly when the air conditioner or heater is used frequently. Additionally, if the air quality is low either due to pet dander, dust or outdoor environmental elements, the air filtration may need to be addressed more often.

New air filters are most effective in filtering dust and debris from the dirty air creating clean air to flow throughout your property. Aeromech carries the most common type of air filters to easily and efficiently replace your dirty air filters and get you back to having clean, contaminant-free air flowing through your home. Conducting an air duct cleaning, checking your air vents and conducting regular maintenance can also help to keep your system running at optimal levels. By failing to change out the air filter regularly, air that bypasses a dirty filter can carry dirt into the system and reduce the evaporator coil’s heat-absorbing capacity and cause a decrease in energy-efficiency.

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