Relative Humidity Measurement

Cleanrooms and other critical environments require high performance environmental measurements to operate consistently and within specifications. Humidity measurement can be especially challenging in a cleanroom environment. Aeromech highly accurate instruments and cutting edge technical knowledge solutions address measurement challenges and help keep your cleanroom facilities running smoothly.

Procedure for Humidity Test


  • To determine the capability of the Cleanroom air handling system to maintain the air temperature and relative humidity within specified limits.
  • Instrumentation and Equipment-TSI Thermal Hygrometer: 8722-M-GB


  • Average Relative Humidity : 40 ~ 70 %


  • The air conditioning system was operated continuously for at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the test.
  • The Cleanrooms were divided into test grids of no larger than 100 ft2
  • The thermal Hygrometer meter was held at the center of the test grid at 1 meter above the floor.
  • When an obstruction was encountered, the measurement was taken at 6” above the obstruction.
  • The readings for all the other grids were taken and recorded.
  • The average Humidity of the Cleanroom were computed from these data.