Vertical laminar Airflow

  • Stand Mounted Version: Vertical Laminar Airflow (unidirectional Airflow) is an confined area moving in a uniform velocity along parallel flow lines. A continuous wash of HEPA/ULPA filtered Air moving downwards across the work area. The uniform stream of air filtered air moves forward over the work surface from the rear of the work area. The airflow across the work area directly at the user and exhaust.
  • Since Clean Air flows down wards from the above, the straddle configuration facilitates operators to sit on either side of the work area doubling unit utilisation and increasing productivity
1 Product Aeromech® Vertical laminar Airflow – Stand Mounted Version
2 Dimensions As per drawings enclosed.
3 MOC Galvanized Iron with PU coated / Stainless Steel – Satin Finish / Wooden laminated
4 Pre Filter Aeromech Make Pre Filter with Micro Glass Fibre Media of EU - 4 Rating.
5 Supply HEPA Filter Imported Minipleat HEPA Filter efficiency 99.97% Down to 0.3µ H-13 Rating.
6 Motor Blower Assembly Induction Motor with Centrifugal Blower Statically and Dynamically balanced with Suitable Rating and Size.
7 Mounting Unique Spring Suspension Systems to take care of Vibration and Noise.
8 Working Table S.S. 304 with Due Reinforcement for Better Performance and Stability.
9 Side Panel Accessory No. Clear Glass Side Panels/ Clear Acrylic panel/ UV Protected Polycarbonate panel
10 Pressure Gauge DWYER, USA Minihelic Differential Pressure Gauge/ Aeromech Inclined manometer.
11 Lights Flourescent Tube with Milky White Diffuser.
12 Other Electricals 3 Pin Socket, 15 AMP - 1 No. - On / Off Switches with Indicator.
13 Air Cleanliness Class ISO - 5 (as per ISO - 14644-1).
14 Air Flow Rate 0.45 ± 0.05mps. or 90 FPM ± 10 FPM
15 Illumination Of Light Minimum 800 Lux on work table
16 Noise Level Less than 67 db on Scale 'A' When Ambient sound Level is not Greater than 57 db on Scale 'A'
17 Vibration Level Minimum.