Static Type

  • Aeromech™ Pass box unit for easy access or passage of materials the between clean room and outer dust areas. It is Essential for maximum protection against outer contamination when objects are passed into or out of the clean room.
  • Available in Mechanical Interlocking & Electrical Interlocking Arrangement Standard size available – 2’ x 2’ x 2’
1 Product Aeromech ® Static Pass Box
2 MOC Main Body - Galvanized Iron with PU coated / Stainless Steel – Satin Finish
Working Area - Stainless Steel IS 304 Grade Satin Finish
3 Coving Inner Side Bottom Corners will be Duly Pensil Coved.
4 UV Lamp UV Intensity 254nm with Door Interlocking
5 Light Intensity Minimum 900 lux inside the working area at ambient zero
6 Vibration Level Minimum.
7 Doors Double Skin Swing Door with Clear View Panel
8 Door Interlocking Electro Magnetic Interlocking Arrangement with Sensors.
9 Accessories UV Lamp Interlocking with Door Open & Close Audiable/ Visual Alarm for False Door Interlocking On/Off switches for motor blower & CFL lights. (optional) SS Protective Grill for HEPA Filters (Optional)

Aeromech™ Pass Boxes are self contained units installed at the entrance to clean rooms. They minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the Cleanroom by reducing operator “traffic”. Equipment and materials are passed into the Cleanroom via the Pass box, which is equipped with a electrical interlock system that prevents both doors from being opened at the same time. The Aeromech Pass Box is an inexpensive way to maintain the cleanliness of your Cleanroom and is easy to install and adaptable to existing facilities.

Product Static Pass Box
Working Area Model No
L600 x D600 x H 600 ADPB 222
L900 xD 900x H 900 ADPB 333