Fume Exhaust Hood - Constant Volume Type

Aeromech™ Fume Hood ( Constant volume type) is fitted with a movable front sash and an interior baffle. The sash may be fully opened to accommodate apparatus within the fume hood, while baffle directs exhaust air along specific flow pattern within the enclosure. The constant volume type generally operates at constant exhaust volume with the total exhaust air entering the hood through the sash opening. Closing the sash increases the speed of the air through the sash opening, so that high velocities are to be expected with the sash in the near closed positions.

1 Product Aeromech® Fume Exhaust Hood –Constant Volume Type
2 Dimensions As per drawings enclosed.
3 MOC Galvanized Iron with PU coated / Stainless Steel – Satin Finish
4 Front sash height Maximum up to 700mm
5 Exhaust collar Minimum 6” dia PVC pipe
6 Motor Blower Assembly Induction Motor with Centrifugal Blower Statically and Dynamically balanced with Suitable Rating and Size.
7 Mounting Unique Spring Suspension Systems to take care of Vibration and Noise.
8 Working Table Granite Stone/ FRP Moulded Top/ SS 304 Stainless Steel Top
9 Front Sash. Clear Glass Side Panels/ Clear Acrylic panel/ UV Protected Polycarbonate panel
10 Airflow Monitor TEK UK make Face Velocity indicator with Alarm.(optional)
11 Lights Fluorescent Tube with Milky White Diffuser.
12 Other Electricals 3 Pin Socket, 15 AMP - 1 No. - On / Off Switches with Indicator.
13 Performance
14 Standard reference ASHRAE-110 and EN14175-3
15 Face Velocity 0.45 ± 0.05mps.  or 90 FPM ± 10 FPM
16 Illumination Of Light Minimum 800 Lux on work table
17 Noise Level Less than 67 db on Scale 'A' When Ambient sound Level is not Greater than 57 db on Scale 'A'
18 Vibration Level Minimum.

Aeromech™ Laboratory Fume Hood is a ventilated enclosure designed to contain and exhaust fumes, vapors, mists and particulate matter generated within the hood interior. Fume hood structures are basically boxlike, with an open side (or sides) for access to the interior of the hood. A transparent, movable panel, called a sash, allows the user to restrict or enlarge the hood opening. The hood is connected, via ductwork, to an exhaust fan, usually located on the roof of the building in which the hood is located. The exhaust fan draws air from the room in which the hood is in through the hood opening and out through the ductwork. The speed of the air moving through the hood opening is known as face velocity.

Above all else, laboratory fume hoods are SAFETY DEVICES, designed to contain contaminants generated inside the fume hood’s chamber. Selection of the proper fume hood design and safe work practices are key to user safety.

Laboratory fume hoods are also referred to as:

  • Fume Hoods
  • Chemical Fume Hoods
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Hoods

Product Static Pass Box
AFH 900 900 x 600 x 600
600 AFH 1200 1200 x 600 x 600
AFH 1800 1800 x 600 x 600