Noise Level Measurement

Procedure For Sound Pressure Level Test Purpose To measure the airborne sound pressure level within the Cleanroom produced by the basic Cleanroom mechanical and electrical systems. Instrumentation and Equipment

Sound Level Meter , TESTO make

SpecificationTest Condition: At Rest / As Built / Operation

Average Sound Pressure Level : 70 dBA.


  • All airflow balancing was successfully completed prior to this test
  • All fan filter modules and air conditioning equipment were switched on before any readings were taken.
  • The Cleanrooms were divided into test grids of no larger than 10’x10’
  • The sound pressure level meter was placed 1 metre above the floor and with the sensor pointing in the direction of the operating module.
  • The sound pressure level, in dBA, was taken for each location.
  • When an obstruction was encountered, the measurement was taken at 6” above the obstruction, provided it was still within the entrance plane.
  • The average sound pressure level of the Cleanroom was computed form their data.