Operation Theatre Laminar Airflow

  • The operating theatre ceiling is the most important part of a hospital ventilation system. Also called UCVS (Ultra Clean Ventilation System), these sophisticated systems are actually a combination of a variety of elements, including gas tight welded pressure chambers, air filter housings or filter grids, HEPA filters, priming illumination and air diffusers.
  • Laminar Flow Ceiling for Operating Theatres
  • to produce a germ- and particle lean area through an unidirectional air flow.
  • The system is specially designed and suited for the use in Operating Theatres.
  • The requirements according to ISO 14644 Standard and NABH Guidelines

Pressure Chamber

  • Air sealed pressure chamber, made out of IS 304 Grade stainless steel 1.2mm thick Sheet
  • Smooth inner surfaces, therefore easy to clean and disinfect during filter changes
  • Special frame system for the integration of the filter frames, the pressure chamber, all required receptacles of the surrounding air flow stabilizers made out of anodized Aluminium.
  • Openings for the supply duct connections
  • Air sealed housing for the integration of the stand of the O.T. light and openings for the service of the O.T. light
  • Aerosol port
  • Port for pressure drop measurement
  • Supply air connections as flange made out of IS 304 Grade stainless steel 1.2mm thick sheet
  • Lateral attached, air sealed, disinfectant resistant varnished with connection flange for external duct installation.

Diffuser- Frame

  • Frame made out of anodized Aluminum profile for the placement of the CG-Diffuser and has rails for the easy and seamless placement of the false sealing or other connecting equipment.
  • The Aluminum profile is prepared for the integration of the sterile field and O.T.-illumination, when combined with the optional rail system for the O.T. illumination.

HEPA Filters

  • Integrated HEPA Filter-Cells with a frame made out of galvanized sheet steel
  • Optimized standard dimensions
  • Extremely high filter surface for low initial pressure drops
  • EPDM profile gasket
  • Change of filters to the clean side

Sterile Air Diffuser CG

  • Transparent diffuser with double layer micro mesh, made out of specialized textile
  • Assembly and disassembly without screws or tools
  • Air-flow optimized frame made out of Aluminum profile
  • Pass through of the stand of the O.T. light
  • Whole construction to the clean side smooth and without screws

Test port for LAF testing

  • Mounted outside of the aluminum frame system with test connection for DEHS testing and pressure drop, varnished RAL 9016.
  • Filter surface per m² face area 18,5 m²
  • Norms: DIN 1946-4
Model No AOT 2408 AOT 2406 AOT 1806
Airflow Volume4760 m³/h 3570 m³/h277 m³/h
Outer Dimension W 2400 x D 2400 mmW 2400 x D 1800 mm W 1800 x D 1800 mm
Height of the Plenum Box 450 mm450 mm450 mm
HEPA Filter AreaW 2290 x D 2290 mmW 2290 x D 1710 mmW 1710 x D 1710 mm
Average Velocity 0.25 m/sec0.25 m/sec0.25 m/sec
No of HEPA Filters8 Nos6 Nos4 Nos
HEPA Filter Class as per EN 1822H13H 13H 13
Initial Pressure Drop160 Pa160 Pa160 Pa
Final Pressure Drop600 Pa600 Pa600 Pa
No for Collar 6 Nos 4 No4 No
Height of Available Ceiling Space (minimum requirement) 550 mm