Light Intensity Test

Lux is a measurement of light and getting the required lux levels right is a crucial step for the safe and effective operation within the controlled environment. Typically, the minimum lux requirements for a cleanroom are driven by the production of small and sensitive components

Procedure For Light Intensity Level Test


  • To determine the light intensity level at working height level within the Cleanrooms.
  • Instrumentation and Equipment Digital Lux Meter: LX-50Specification
  • Test Condition: At Rest / As Built / Operational
  • Average Light Intensity Level : 700 Lux ~ 880 Lux


  • All fluorescent lighting were operated for at least 100 hours to ensure ‘proper seasoning.’
  • The lighting ware operated continuously for least 2 hours to allow for temperature stabilization prior to the actual commencement of the test.
  • he Cleanrooms were divided into test grids of no larger than 100 ft2
  • One reading was taken at the centre of each grid and at a height of 1 meter above the floor.
  • When an obstruction was encountered, the measurement was taken at 6” above the obstruction.
  • The readings for all the other grids were taken and recorded.
  • The average light intensity level of the Cleanroom were computed from these data.