Moisture Barrier Bags

Item Name: Anti-static Moisture Barrier Bags

Item Name: SSB0616

With excellent characteristics such as high barrier, heat sealing, light shielding, high or low temperature resistane, corrosion resistance , odorless and nontoxie, flexibility, etc.; three ain functions of moisture protection, anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference. The surface resistance can be up to 10E5 ohms to 10e11 ohms


  • Multilayer moisture barrier bags offer superior protection against EMI, ESD and moisture absorption
  • Ideal for vacuum packaging and nitrogen flushing
  • Tough, high pncture resistance
  • Excellent choice for moisture barrier protection
  • Can print with ESD warning symbol
  • Static safe: dissipative inner and outer surfaces
  • Surface resistance: Outer layer: <10E11 ohms/sq
    Aluminium foil: <10E2 ohms/sq
    Inner layer: <10E11 ohms/sq