ESD Toothbrushes

Item Name: Antistatic Hand Brush

Item No.:STB081

Products Introduction

ESD Brush made in Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protective materials protect contents from static electricity and electrostatic damage.These materials are designed to absorb the charge and pass it to the ground , saving you thousands of dollars by reducing or eliminating product damage. It conforms to ANSI/ESD S20.20*1999 requirement.This standard requires conductive materials surface resistance to be <1.0 x 10^4 ohms and dissipative materials to be >1.0 x 104 ohms to <1.0 x 10^9 ohms when tested per EOS/ESD S11.11. The materials also conform to the static decay requirement of FTM-101B, Method 4046.1 dissipating a 5000 Volt charge to 0 when grounded in less than 2 seconds.


  • Surface resistance: 106-9ohms(conductive type available)
  • Material: plastic handle and nylon hair
  • STB0811 S The length of hair: 16mm: 3 rows: 20clusters
  • STB0812 M The length of hair: 16mm: 3 rows: 20clusters
  • STB0813 L The length of hair: 18mm: 2 rows: 20clusters
  • STB0814 XL The length of hair: 22mm: 3 rows: 34clusters